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TARC Translational Addiction Research Center


The following publications are associated with the new Translational Addiction Research Center (TARC). Please check back soon, as other papers are in progress or under review.

Jansen HT, Sergeeva A , Stark G, Sorg BA (2012) Circadian discrimination of reward: Evidence for simultaneous yet separable food- and drug-entrained rhythms in the rat. Chronobiol. Int. (In Press).

Sorg, BA (2012) Reconsolidation of Drug Memories. Neurosci. Biobehav. Rev. 36(5):1400-1417.

Williams AM, Reis DJ, Powell AS; Neira LJ, Nealey KA, Ziegler CE, Kloss N, Bilimoria JL, Smith CE and Walker BM (2012) The Effect of Intermittent Alcohol Vapor or Pulsatile Heroin on Somatic and Negative Affective Indices during Spontaneous Withdrawal in Wistar Rats. Psychopharmacology (in press).

Walker BM (2012) Conceptualizing Withdrawal-Induced Escalation of Alcohol Self-Administration as a Learned, Plasticity-Dependent Process. Alcohol (in press).

Walker BM, Valdez GR, McLaughlin JP and Bakalkin G (2012) Targeting dynorphin/ kappa-opioid receptor systems to treat alcohol abuse and dependence. Alcohol (in press).