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TARC Faculty

Roberta Paul

College of Nursing (Spokane)
Roberta Paul

Clinical Trials

Research Interest: I am currently involved in a research project titled: Na-ha-shnee Native American Summer Health Science Institute. The purpose of the research study was to learn how we can help students do well in high school and go to college and have a career in a health science field if they want to. The research project involves creating a media project called photovoice. This involved taking photographs to express their thoughts during the summer as participants of the Na-ha-shnee camp’s activities. The students were trained in how to take photos to represent their thoughts and feelings and how to analyze the photos using a published photovoice guide we have used in the past with both adolescents and adults. After the students had taken their photos we had them choose two of their photos to be discussed in a focus group. The focus groups were tape recorded. The tapes are being transcribed and then will come back with the students later in the fall to discuss how they want to create a media presentation that will be shown in their communities to let their photos be their voice of how they feel and what will help or hinder them in going to college to seek a health career degree. We also administered a pre and post test of the student’s knowledge about health careers. We are looking forward to the results of this project.