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TARC Translational Addiction Research Center

Tracy L. Skaer

Department of Pharmacotherapy (Spokane) – Departmental Page
Skaer, Tracy L.

Chronic Pain/Opiates/Cannabinoids

My research interests over my 25-year career at WSU have focused on issues involving mental health, chronic pain, comorbid illness, complementary and alternative medicine (CAM), pharmacoeconomics, and pharmacoepidemiology. I have expertise in mindfulness-based stress reduction, depression, anxiety, insomnia, child/adolescent mental health, and migrant womens’ health. I am currently exploring the use of CAMs for chronic illness and advocate judicious use of medications while, at the same time, empowering patients to self-manage their illnesses (e.g., chronic pain). My current research focuses on the use of mindfulness and family based interventions for chronic pain, as well as mindfulness-based interventions and online support for depression and anxiety in vulnerable populations.