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TARC Translational Addiction Research Center

Affiliate TARC Research Faculty

Affiliate TARC members have a strong interest in addictions research, but focus much of their research effort on other topics.

Appleyard, Suzanne – Department of IPN (Pullman)

Hill, Herbert – Department of Chemistry (Pullman)

Karatsoreos, Ilia – Department of IPN (Pullman)

Katz, Janet – College of Nursing (Spokane)

Krueger, James – Department of IPN (Spokane)

Paul, Roberta – College of Nursing (Spokane)

Quock, Raymond – Department of Psychology (Pullman)

Van Dongen, Hans – Sleep & Performance Res. Cen. (Spok.)

Wisor, Jonathan – Department of IPN (Spokane)