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TARC Faculty

Ben Ladd

Department of Psychology (Vancouver) – Departmental Page – Ladd, Ben

Alcohol Addiction

Chronic Pain/Opioids/Cannabinoids

Historically, clinical psychology has focused on psychopathology (i.e. treating individuals on the extreme end of the mental health continuum). Although treatment for such individuals is very important, I am interested in applying a harm-reduction perspective in order to reach the sizable population of individuals who could benefit from health-related interventions but never seek and/or receive services. While my expertise is in clinical psychology more broadly, much of my training and experience has emphasized the study of factors associated with the development of substance use problems and the identification of mechanisms of behavior change as it relates to substance use. My research interests concentrate on using empirical investigation to promote and improve the reach and success of drug and alcohol prevention and intervention techniques. Along these lines, I have two primary areas of inquiry; the study of client language as a mechanism of behavior change and building the empirical knowledge related to marijuana use.

Ben Ladd