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TARC Translational Addiction Research Center

Core TARC Research Faculty

The Translational Addiction Research Center (TARC) members study a wide range of research topics, from medicinal chemistry to behavioral interventions. The criteria for membership in the TARC core faculty will be at least half-time involvement in basic or applied addiction research.

Armstrong, Merry – College of Nursing (Spokane)

Barbosa-Leiker, Celestina – College of Nursing (Spokane)

Blume, Art – Department of Psychology (Vancouver)

Chen, Gang – College of Pharmacy (Spokane)

Craft, Rebecca – Department of Psychology (Pullman)

Cuttler, Carrie – Department of Psychology (Pullman)

Davis, Jon – Department of IPN (Pullman)

Dyck, Dennis – Department of Psychology (Spokane)

Fuchs Lokensgard, Rita – Department of IPN (Pullman)

Howell, Donelle – College of Nursing (Spokane)

Jansen, Heiko – Department of IPN (Pullman)

Layton, Matthew – WWAMI Medical Educ. Prog. (Spokane)

Magnan, Renee – Department of Psychology (Vancouver)

McLaughlin, Ryan – Department of IPN (Pullman)

McPherson, Sterling – Department of Psychology (Spokane)

Meadows, Gary – College of Pharmacy (Pullman)

Morgan, Michael – Department of Psychology (Vancouver)

Panksepp, Jaak – Department of IPN (Pullman)

Roll, John (Co-Director) – College of Nursing (Spokane)

Rossi, David – Department of IPN (Pullman)

Shishani, Kawkab – College of Nursing (Spokane)

Simasko, Steve – Department of IPN (Pullman)

Skaer, Tracy – Department of Pharmacotherapy (Spokane)

Sorg, Barbara (Co-Director) – Department of IPN (Vancouver)

Tragesser, Sarah – Department of Psychology (Tri-Cities)

Vandermause, Roxanne – College of Nursing (Spokane)

Brendan Walker – Department of Psychology (Pullman)

Wilson, Marian – College of Nursing (Spokane)