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TARC Translational Addiction Research Center

Carrie Cuttler

Department of Psychology (Pullman) – Departmental Page – Cuttler, Carrier

Chronic Pain/Opiates/Cannabinoids

My diverse research interests are united by a focus on the links between health-related behaviors (e.g., chronic cannabis use, exercise), cognitive functioning (e.g., memory, executive functioning), mood (e.g., depression, anxiety), and stress. Currently, my primary line of research focuses on elucidating the potential detrimental and beneficial effects of cannabis on cognition, mood, stress, and health more generally.

More specifically, I am currently developing an inventory to measure the frequency, quantity, and age of onset of cannabis use. I am also conducting an ADARP funded study focused on examining individual differences in the influence of cannabis on cognition, in an attempt to understand who may be more susceptible to the potential detrimental effects of cannabis on memory, attention and executive functioning. I am also conducting a series of studies focused on the relationship between chronic cannabis use and stress in order to attempt to disentangle the direction of relationship between these variables as well as to identify potential mediators and moderators of this relationship. Finally, I am currently conducting a large scale study in which I am attempting to determine which strains of marijuana are perceived to be most effective at reducing each of the symptoms that marijuana is indicated to treat.